I'm sorry, I am not a politician. Then again I don't need or want a hundreds of thousand dollars study, nor do I want to hire a full time consultant to figure out what needs to be done and tell us how to do it.

Traffic this year is the worst ever, and our town leaders are still doing nothing to reverse this steadily agravating problem.

The really sad thing is that if anyone tries, the solution is very easy to figure out. The simple answer is, SLOW DOWN.

How to accomplish slowing down? Accept that it will mean a revolution. Then press on, doing everything practical.

Change (lower) speed limits on roads Southold is empowered to change. But even more drastically. Change how we think of and measure speed. How about posting sugested speed limits with upper ranges under legally permissible speeds?

It is a fact that with current levels of congestion we would all arrive sooner if we drove slower. So there is no reason not to change. Go ahead and pay for an expert opinion if you want to waste the money, but even the brainiest expert can not improve nor disprove this essential fact.

Besides having the apparently contradictory result of reducing the total travel time and so speeding up by slowing down, slowing down would also mean our daily travels were more pleasurable, safer and healthier.

Please don't fish for red herrings like the ferry issue. Like gay marriage, it is just a smoke screen to hide the fact that the real problem is any marriage. Please don't misinterpret what I say. I am a strong believer in monogamy. I just don't agree with most of the current religious and legal institutions.