Land (with 9 Hamlets and 1 village)


As a matter of Town identity and civic pride I have long wished for Southold Town to have an official flag. The suggestion above is based on the websafe pallet and represents the 9 hamlets and 1 village of Southold Town*, symbolized on a background representing four elements of the environment of Southold Town**.

* Southold Town Hamlets (and Village)
  • Laurel
  • Mattituck
  • Cutchogue
  • New Suffolk
  • Peconic
  • Southold
  • Greenport
  • East Marion
  • Orient
  • Fishers Island
** Southold Town Elements
  • Beach
  • Water
  • Land
  • Air

Of course I realize that designing and adopting a Town flag is not something one person can do. Southold Town should hold a design contest. A Source of Life
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