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Search Engines
Alta Vista:  Heralded as the best.  Hosts language translation, photo finder, as well as a family filter which filters out objectional material.  After searching, use the Revise mode to exclude the unwanted hits.
Direct Hit: web site famous for less than 10 hits per search.
Excite:  Good general search engine that allows you to look for phrases by putting quotes around your words. Can also be used as a directory.
GovBot:  Use to search only government files
Highway 61: for those with a sense of humor
HotBot:  Works quickly, easy to use, allows for you to specify how you to define your search through pulldown menus.  Great if you're looking for a person or a specific media type.
Lycos:  Has subject directory and the ability to look for only pictures and sounds.
Northern Light:  Search not only the web, but also a special collection that includes over 5000 text sources
Subject Directories
Yahoo:  One of the most popular directories. Expansive lists of sites.
Yahooligans:  A directory geared toward KIDS!
More Search Engine Stuff
Ask Jeeves:  An interesting way to search. A form of a Multi search engine. This search engine attempts to put your search words together and then makes suggestions
Beaucoup:  Provides links to many, many, MANY search engines!  Try the "Big" page.
Blow-In Maps: Search Engines A listing of 50 search engines on the net.
The Great Satellite Search! asks questions and then challenges the user to find the information on the Internet.
Google:  Created by some grad students.  Check out the "I Feel Lucky" button.
Your Mamma:  Powerful meta-searching which allows for specific searches:  MP3, pictures, sounds, usenet, news, stockquotes.  One syntax.  It translates to the different search engines.
Search Engines and Great Tips .
Check out the strategies down the page. Spend some time to learn how not to waste time.
Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool great name. very quick. found things I just couldn't find anywhere else.
MetaFind Your Search Spot on the Net by the same people who put out Dogpile. 
Scour.Net:  When you want Audio, Video or Animation
Deja News:  The most extensive searchable space of information posted on news groups.

Search Tools Chart:  compare and contrast the most useful subject directories, meta-search engines and search engines.

M. Jeanne Poterucha
Created 03/02/99
Revised 03/02/99